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SACRED HEART CONVENT YERCAUD was established by the SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH of CLUNY in 1894 with the view to recuperate the health of sisters who were toiling under trying conditions in schools, orphanages , and dispensaries in the plains. As the residents of Yercaud, mostly Europeans asked for lessons in English, French, Music, Embroidery etc. for their children, an English medium school was opened in 1894. By 1896 the school functioned with 32 pupils of whom 19 were boarders. In 1908, the school got recognition as a High School. Over the past 113 years SHY has grown into a residential school for girls, though for almost a century SHY had catered to the education of boys up to Std. IV. Integral formation of students coupled with good academic results has brought SHY high renown the world over.

Many of our past students have migrated to the five continents and hold positions of importance and have reputed achievements in their respective careers. True to the values inculcated in them by their Alma Mater they face life with courage and conviction.

The school campus comprises of classrooms, library, laboratories, auditoriums, games field, spacious dormitories, and dining halls for children. The environment and healthy climate are conducive to the all- round development of children. In SHY the values of equality and respect for diversity and the ability to adapt to various cultures and religions are instilled into the young lives of the students. Over the years SHY has remained a home away from home for the students, thanks to the dedicated service of the Sisters round the clock.

At present the school has a strength of 415 students of whom 350 are boarders from classes I - X.



Here upon God’s mountain set,
         Snug on the green hill-side,
Stands  with  mother’s arms around us all,
         The school that is our joy and pride.


Then  sing of  hope and high resolve,
          To do what our motto says:
Pray to live with God united
          And work to be His own always.


Pray and work (2) – work and pray (2)
          And let nothing on earth get the best of us;
Fly the flag (2)  – keep it up (2) ,
          Without ever a whisper of hopelessness.


Play the game (2) – with a smile (2),
          Let the sunshine of love warm our lives for us;
Persevere (2) – to  the end (2)
          And lets enter God’s heaven at last...


Repeat Chorus.


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